More About Me

Founding Partner

Nikele's broad knowledge base and practical experience have proven to be an extremely valuable resource to her clients and her company. She is passionate, intentional, and protective; she understands that details matter. She will work efficiently to make sure you are given the best service as well as all of your options so YOU can make an educated decision about your real estate transaction.

Born and raised in small-town Idaho, Nikele's background is vast. Ranging from farming and dairy to tobacco c-stores, mortgage lending, marketing, and now real estate. Additionally, she loves to share knowledge, collaborate on projects, work in the community and advocate for arts, culture, and human rights.

Nikele was part of the core group that created Amherst Madison and she couldn't be more proud of where they are today!

Give her a call or shoot her a text, she would love to hear from you! 208.871.8564

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